Paul Bzonek

M.Sc., Ph.D. candidate

Hello, welcome to my site!

I am a behavioural and conservation ecologist nearing the completion of my doctorate with the Mandrak Lab at the University of Toronto.

My research interests are centred around the movement and behaviour of invasive fish. I often collaborate with Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Asian Carp Program to evaluate potential non-physical fish-deterrent technologies (think sounds, lights, carbon dioxide). This work pertains to invasive Asian Carps and their potential dispersal into the Laurentian Great Lakes, as well as Common Carp, and their ongoing management both in the Great Lakes and elsewhere.

I greatly enjoy the multidisciplinary aspect of my research. My work regularly involves behavioural and physiological assays in the laboratory, as well as fish sampling, or telemetry tracking in the field.

Fish identification for Ontario Bioblitz, 2017

Manually tracking Common Carp via acoustic telemetry, Groenvlei, South Africa

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